Oregon Governor

October 15, 2014
The two major party candidates for Governor are Dennis Richardson (R) and John Kitzhaber (D), incumbent governor, who is now running for a 4th term.
DENNIS RICHARDSON, of Central Point, has served as Representative from District 4, in the Oregon House since 2003.   By occupation, he is a lawyer, having graduated from Brigham Young University and its Law School.  There’s a full account of his background and career linked from the homepage of his website at http://www.dennisrichardson.com/home.
While serving in the House in 2005, he voted for HB 2583, a bill requiring evidence of citizenship for persons registering to vote for first time.  The bill passed the House but died in the Senate.   In 2008, he voted for SB 1080, the bill requiring proof of citizenship by driver license applicants which is still in effect today.  In March 2013, he voted for SB 2787, giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens.  In April 2013, he voted against SB 833, the bill granting official driver cards and i.d. to illegal aliens.  He was a leader in the opposition to this bill and spoke strongly against it on the floor of the House on April 30, 2013.  See his newsletters discussing the issue at:  http://www.oregonir.org/immigration-topics/oregon-legislators-opposing-s....  In Feb. 2014 he voted No on H.R. 4054, when supporters of SB 833 attempted to change the referendum ballot title to make it more favorable to their side.
A contact link for Richardson is on the homepage of his website.
JOHN KITZHABER, of Portland, has shown his loyalty to illegal aliens in public appearance at their Capitol rally where he spoke enthusiastically in favor of benefits to them.  He is responsible for calling together a study group for the purpose of extending driving privileges to illegal aliens, a group which invited supporters only without allowing representatives of the public interest. OFIR’s officers specifically requested to join the group and were denied.
His campaign website at http://johnkitzhaber.com/ gives information about his background.  He was a physician when first elected to the Oregon House in 1978.  He served one term, then was elected to the Oregon Senate, continuing there for 12 years, to 1993.  He has been elected Governor 3 times and now seeks a 4th term.
Although he’s been in public life for many years, there is no available evidence that he understands or cares about the broader implications of illegal immigration.  He has demonstrated only a concern for the welfare of illegal aliens in Oregon with no reference to the effects of illegal immigration on citizens’ wages and job opportunities or the multiple dangers of uncontrolled immigration.
A contact link for Kitzhaber is on the homepage of his website.
The Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project at http://oregonabigailadams.wordpress.com/ has links to videos of 6 debates between Richardson and Kitzhaber that you can listen to for further information on their views on various issues.