Primary election in Congressional District 1

April 23, 2014

The incumbent, Suzanne Bonamici, a Democrat, is seeking reelection.  She has no opposition in the Democratic Party primary.  She is graded D- by NumbersUSA on her immigration votes while in Congress.  To see her voting record, please visit NumbersUSA’s website at, and click on Congress – Immigration Grade Cards.  
Bonamici has been in office since 2012 when she was elected to fill the unexpired term of David Wu.  In letters to constituents, she makes clear that she supports amnesty for illegal aliens.   In 2013 she co-sponsored H.R. 15, the House Democrats’ version of S.744 giving amnesty to illegal aliens and greatly increasing legal immigration. 
Prior to serving in Congress, she was a member of the Oregon Legislature.  During the 2008 legislative session,  in spite of the known role that drivers licenses played in the 911 tragedy, she voted to continue giving Oregon driver licenses  to illegal aliens, when she voted against Senate Bill 1080,  requiring proof of legal status to obtain a driver license.  In the 2011 session, she voted for Senate Bill 742, granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens in perpetuity with little fact-checking.
Republicans running in the May Primary 
Jason Yates, Newberg OR.  He is Service Manager for a pest control company; he graduated from Portland State University, 2013, majoring in Film Studies.
Website statement on immigration:
This nation was founded on immigrants coming to this land to look for a better opportunity. I support legal immigration and the harsh enforcement of strong border control, including a well-armed border fence.
Delinda Morgan, Gaston OR
Her website contains no reference to immigration issues.
Bob Niemeyer, Tigard OR
He is President and owner of New Ventures Engineering, LLC; degree in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University in 1978.  There is no mention of immigration on his website.
We encourage OFIR members to contact the Republican Party candidates, express your views, give them information on immigration issues, and urge their support for strong enforcement against illegal immigration and for reductions in legal immigration.  OFIR emails sent over the past year include much pertinent information these candidates need to learn about and understand.  There are blogs and articles on the OFIR website also that can be used.