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A complete list of employers using E-Verify who have 5 or more employees is now available to the public on the website of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The system for searching the list has recently been simplified and improved. The list is current as of Dec. 15, 2012, and is expected to be updated quarterly.

Nearly 400,000 employers nationwide have enrolled in E-Verify. As of Dec.13, 2012, in Oregon, 2,628 employers had enrolled. These figures include only employers of 5 or more persons. There are many small employers who use E-Verify also; but as they are very small, their privacy is respected and their names are not included in the public list.

The public list can be searched by name of employer, state, town, or zip code. The data includes number of employers at each establishment. (All in the public list have 5 or more employees.)

“The search tool includes exciting features such as the capability to filter, sort, and export employer results,” says the USCIS announcement.

Also the agency has posted online a very helpful User Guide, 17 pages long, explaining in detail how to use the search system and including many graphics illustrating what can be found in the database and how to proceed in the search.

The User Guide as well as a set of questions and answers can be viewed and downloaded from links on this page:

Give this new resource a try!

Locate E-Verify employers in your town, thank them, and if feasible, patronize their businesses.   E-Verify Employers Search Tool

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