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Across the country citizen's are finding the courage, the time and the resolve to write a letter to the editor.  Please take time to write your own letter expressing your concerns regarding immigration issues, the upcoming election, or anything else that you think is important and worthy of a public discussion. 

Solutions to ongoing problems are often a refreshing change from the usual letters of frustration.  Fact based letters garner more respect than a "rant".  If you are interested, concerned or upset with an issue, it's likely many others are, as well.

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Obama, Democrats unwilling to address serious issues of illegal immigration
March 12, 2016

I read the editorial “ ‘ICE regrets the error’ ” (March 10) about the killing spree and how the failure of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to coordinate with the local police department had created this situation. As much of a tragedy as this appears, I am not at all surprised.

ICE along with Homeland Security are failing due to decades of bureaucratic manipulation that has rendered citizens unsafe from illegal immigrants that are repeat offenders and worse. Also, has anyone investigated the ineptitude of the Johnson County Sheriff's Department for not reaching out to Overland Park, their largest municipality?

I did find exception to the reference to Donald Trump and other GOP candidates who will use this as an example of wall-building. Actually, this rhetoric is a direct result of the current administration and the current Democratic candidates' unwillingness to address the serious issues of illegal immigration. This would hurt their voting bloc of liberals who are afraid to understand what is happening in this country.

I seriously doubt that Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino was here looking for low-paid work. I also take exception to the reference that the driving force behind the immigration problem is employers' lack of a work force to fill low-wage labor. I have not seen a poll or other data supporting this.

Many U.S. citizens are out of work and have to compete in this market. The employers would rather rip off an illegal immigrant than follow the law to hire and pay a U.S. citizen or legal resident. This is where the enforcement needs to step up. Once the punishment is prevalent to these employers who are breaking the law and they start hiring U.S. citizens, then the immigrants will start to return to their countries.

Stop blaming the candidates and look at the failed Obama administration for limiting the law enforcement on the prevention and containment of illegal immigrants.

Dan Maltman • Overland




We shouldn't tolerate a virtually open border
March 12, 2016

Like all good liberal public relations firms, the Post-Dispatch editorial board decided to get out in front of the story with the editorial “ ‘ICE regrets the error’ ” (March 10). I guess when you are going to spin the death of five people at the hand of a person who entered the county illegally twice, you better be proactive.
This time, the spin just doesn’t wash. The editorial states “America doesn’t need more hysteria.” It also doesn’t need more lame excuses for tolerating a virtually open border. It doesn’t need to call people who enter this country illegally with no intention of ever leaving “migrants.” And America doesn’t need its workers blamed for the immigration crisis because they won’t work slave hours for Third World wages.

What it does need is secure borders, a friendly and effective system for legal immigration, and punishment for American employers who use illegal workers.

Chris Seibel • Ballwin



Friday, March 11, 2016

Posted March 11, 2016

Fixing immigration

How can the United States end massive, nation-wrecking illegal immigration once and for all? How can the federal government secure our borders and protect our national security? How can we defend and preserve U.S. citizenship, sovereignty and the rule of law?

First, force Congress to pass a mandatory E-verify law that gives America a legal workforce. Second, force Congress to pass a biometric entry/exit law that monitors and controls visa overstayers. Third, force Congress to ban sanctuary cities. Fourth, force Congress to end the corrupt earned income tax child credit provision, which has resulted in a windfall for illegal aliens filing federal income tax returns using a taxpayer identification number instead of a Social Security number. Fifth, elect a president who will complete the double-security fence mandated by the Secure Fence Act passed by Congress in 2006

Finally, elect a president who will expeditiously remove unlawful aliens.

The absolute wrong thing to do is elect a president who promotes granting amnesty, legal status and citizenship to millions of foreigners who are violating our labor, tax, identity theft and immigration laws.

Lawrence J. Brown
North Las Vegas



Lompoc Record

March 10, 2016

Put blame on illegals

President Obama recently told an audience, “Few things will disrupt our lives as profoundly as climate change.”

To him, the greatest threat to America isn’t national security, ISIS, terrorism, nuclear threat or the economy, it’s global warming.

What’s profoundly disrupting lives is not weather, it’s illegal immigration. The 18 murders in 15 months in this Sanctuary City have put people here in mortal danger. Law enforcement officials finally arrested several of the malefactors, yet one wonders what took them so long, especially since Marilyn Pharis’ brutal murder by two illegal convicts should have triggered that response months ago.

A recent report said, according to the Census Bureau, there were 61 million immigrants in the U.S., a figure that’s grown six times faster than the overall population from 1970-2015, and one that shows only 15.7 million here illegally. Unfortunately, that figure was taken only from those who filled out the survey, which is remarkable since illegals, many illiterate in both English and Spanish, would most probably be reluctant to admit they were here illegally.

There are actually more than 40 million illegals in America today and those numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. The number of Hispanics in state and federal prisons have grown by 219 percent. Here in Santa Maria, school classrooms, hospital emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, roads and highways are being flooded by illegals.

Ironically, those of us who tried to warn this would happen were called haters and racists, and now all we can say is, how do you like your All-American City now that it’s become a national embarrassment?

Larry Bargenquast



news & information for the emerald coast

LETTER: Mindboggling gobbledygook

Posted Mar. 10, 2016 at 5:27 AM
Updated Mar 10, 2016 at 5:37 AM

After giving Steve Chapman a full half-page in the Opinion section, I have to wonder if the NWF Daily News is paying this man for his articles, and if so, then why aren’t they in the Comic section where his latest belongs.

In his latest article he suggests that it is Canadians that the USA ought to be fearful of and he opines that Mr. Trump should be concerned over the northern border rather than the southern border.

He attempts to convince the readers that it’s not the illegal Mexican immigrants that you should be concerned about. No, you should worry about all the terrorists coming into the United States from Canada.

I have to wonder what the families of all the victims of violence, rape and murder committed by illegal Mexican immigrants in the USA would say about his article. What about the folks who live along the southern border and the Border Patrol themselves? Who do you think they fear most?

If Mr. Chapman wants to talk about terrorism and whether or not that is on the top of the voters’ list of concerns, fine, but the issue of illegal Mexican immigration is an entirely different ball of wax, especially when we’re talking about upwards of 10 million of them already in the USA.

ROBERT SWARBRICK, Beachside Villas




March 9, 2016

Party of Lincoln’ not about breaking the law

Re: “Void of values among GOP candidates” [Opinion, March 6]: I do not see any connection between Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (“[T]hat this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom”) and writer Jim Doti’s attack on Republican candidates who advocate tough policies on illegal immigrants. In particular, Mr. Doti attacks Donald Trump for saying Mexico is “sending people that have lots of problems ... such as drugs, crime, rapists,” although he does quote Trump’s caveat: “And some, I assume, are good people.” From where does Mr. Doti think the violent gangs in Santa Ana, Anaheim and Los Angeles originated?

Despite Mr. Doti’s heartwarming stories from some children of illegal immigrants about how they and their parents found new opportunities in the United States, he needs to take a balanced view of what unrestrained illegal immigration has brought to this country. He gives his own story of how his parents immigrated legally through Ellis Island. They obviously came here through proper procedures and were properly vetted. People who sneak across the southern border are flouting our laws and disrespecting our principles despite wanting better opportunities.

I think Mr. Trump is voicing the frustration of many Americans. Isn’t defending our borders part of protecting our freedoms? How is that not following the “Party of Lincoln?”

Oliver Watson




Letter: Napolitano is no perfect Supreme Court pick

Robert Kuntz 4:45 p.m. MST March 8, 2016

I usually support E.J. Montini’s positions. But suggesting that Janet Napolitano is “A perfect pick for Supreme Court?” goes against my better judgment.

He cites a letter that she, as Arizona governor, sent to the federal government asking for reimbursement of $118 million spent incarcerating undocumented immigrants.

I have wondered many times if that letter was in the in-basket of the desk she inherited as Secretary of the DHS. She could have acted on that letter, and done something about border security.

Yes, Obama probably called the shots here, but I didn’t see her kicking any sand on the subject. For a Supreme Court justice, we need a person that is consistent with his or her convictions.

Robert Kuntz, Fountain Hills




Letters to the editor, March 9: Readers respond

The Tennessean 12 p.m. CST March 8, 2016

Readers sound off on previously published columns and letters on Donald Trump.

Trump’s fear and anger is justified

Re: "Trump's fear rhetoric mastery dominates 2016 election," March 6.

This is a response to the editorial written by Opinion Engagement Editor David Plazas.

Trump’s message of fear and anger is justified as most Americans are angry at our elite politicians.

We should be concerned about terrorist Muslims being allowed into our country without knowing who the heck they might be. We need a temporary ban on them for the next 50 years or so – until we can sort out who they might be. We need to stop illegal aliens from entering our country. And a $10 billion dollar wall is a lot cheaper than $500 billion in welfare benefits for the next 10 years!

And as far as sexual minorities --- I haven’t heard anything from Trump or any politician running for President describe them as a villain.

Yes, we do need to build a wall to stop illegals before they crush the fabric of our country. We do need to stop all refugees until we can afford them! And we need a new leader who will lead us in the right direction.

Paul Knowles, Nashville 37211



delawareonline  The News Journal    PART OF THE USA TODAY NETWORK

The News Journal 4:08 p.m. EST March 7, 2016

Repeal illegal immigrants' licenses

As of Jan 1, it became legal for Delaware drivers licenses to be issued to undocumented/illegal immigrants.

While it might be possible to argue that Gov. Markell perceives it as an act of kindness, I cannot understand how the state legislature was convinced to support it. No one in the state benefits from this move except for individuals who have entered the country illegally.  It is generally accepted that politicians will sponsor actions which garner voting support for themselves; however, these immigrants can't vote.

This action also leaves Delaware vulnerable to penalties from the federal government if they disapprove of Delaware's licensing changes. For example, when the federal government insisted that states raise the age for purchasing alcohol to 21, they couldn't directly force the states to adhere to this policy, so the federal government threatened to withhold highway funding for states that didn't follow their recommendation, using the logic that the combination of inexperienced, young drivers and alcohol posed a serious threat on the road.

The same can be expected for Delaware's new licensing policy.  Issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants provides a superficial appearance of legitimacy to the undocumented immigrants who hold them, making the enforcement of immigration laws even more difficult than before, and might even pose difficulties with insurance claims in case of automobile accidents.

The new Delaware licensing policy defies logic and provides no benefit to the residents of Delaware.
It should be repealed.

Peter Piro



NJ.com True Jersey

Trump not beholden to special interests | Letter

By Letters To The Editor | The Jersey Journal  
on March 08, 2016 at 2:19 PM, updated March 08, 2016 at 2:21 PM

The current Republicrats and Democans represent the status quo. Nothing changes. They are both from the same mold. Notice how, I changed the wording around. The same old do nothing politicians who sit on their laurels, take huge amounts of money from special interests groups and lobbyists for Quid pro quo. The special interests groups who cannot stand Trump and look at him as a threat, because he doesn't need their money.

Trump is not a politician, especially one who takes millions of dollars in donations from special interests groups. The threat of ISIS is real, and what is wrong with him building a wall 1,000 miles long along the Mexican border? He is looking out for the safety of Americans, unlike the other politicians who think it's fine to have a Swiss cheese like border to let illegal intruders cross the border into our country. If immigrants want to come here legally, more power to them, but if we continue to have weak borders, we will no longer remain a great country because the intruders who cross the border will deplete our healthcare, deplete our medicaid and medicare funds and social security, and most importantly put a strain on our school-system.

Worth mentioning we also will be letting violent terrorists sneak in and cause great harm to innocent people, if we do not build that wall. The illegals also will take away jobs from legal minority workers here in the U.S., because they wouldn't be able to compete against the lower wages paid to illegals. Obamacare mandates to companies, if your employee works over 30 hours a week, you have to pay benefits. Companies, will therefore reduce the hours of their workers, and even lay people off. Ford, Nabisco, Carrier are or have moved to Mexico.

Trump will build that wall, he will create competition among health care companies, he will add tariffs also on imports. He acknowledges the huge trade deficits with Mexico, and he will do as he says to discourage companies from going into Mexico or abroad. If Trump is president, he mentions, that we will now, say "Merry Christmas," instead of that Happy Holiday Crap, we are encouraged to say.

It's all about the money with these Republican Establishment swine who want to spend millions of dollars in negative untrue campaign ads across the county to derail and take down Trump.

If he gets the nomination, the gig is over for these status quo do nothing politicians, because they will not receive millions of dollars from special interest groups. Trump figuratively threatens their job security. Rubio is fighting for his political life as a candidate for president, his lobbyists probably said to him in private, "Look, you have to say whatever, throw tantrums, say anything to discredit Trump, because we can't have him as President." Rubio, dutifully obeys, and knows where his bread and butter is, and thus says horrible vicious lies about Trump.

It's all about the money. It's almost criminal how the Republican Establishment is pooling together its financial resources to smear Trump so he won't get the nomination. The American people, want and deserve a change. They so far have spoken, because Trump has a commanding lead in the primaries. People want an outsider to be the next president of the U.S. to represent their needs, not the same old do nothing insiders who are working for and are in bed with special interest groups.




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Republicans need to get behind candidate with best chance to win

Published: March 7, 2016

I am outraged at the Republican establishment. They seem intent on destroying the only chance the party has to win the White House.

I support Donald Trump for president primarily for two reasons. I believe our flawed immigration policy is the number one national security issue facing our country. It affects all other issues and I believe Trump is the only candidate who will take timely action to address the problem. I also believe Trump is the only candidate that has the will and ability to confront Hillary and call her what she is, an ineffective corrupt political leader.

Trump is not as conservative on many issues as I would like, but ABC (Anybody But Clinton). The Republican establishment has had ample opportunity to take control of the projection of our country. Mitt Romney, while an ethical man, did not possess the charisma needed to excite the base nor was he willing to square off against Barack Obama. Congress also has had ample opportunity to take control of the Washington agenda, but has allowed Obama to walk right around them.

Unfortunately, the Republican establishment is not listening to the will of the people. A split Republican party is the best news the Democrats could get. The party must take a page from the Democrats’ play book and get behind the candidate with the best chance to win.

Barbara Hickman
Clarks Summit




Concerns of real Americans ignored by journalists
March 6, 2016

The Republican debate this past week was disgusting. It started with agitators, known as journalists, asking questions hardly anyone cares about: “Mr. Trump, what do you have to say about what Senator Rubio said about you yesterday?” Mr. Rubio answers with left jab insult, “He’s a liar” at Donald Trump and then he throws a right hook “He’s a liar,” to Ted Cruz. Sen. Ted Cruz points out that he was mentioned and he wants to respond. This goes on and on and digresses into a sandbox squabble.

I wonder when I am going to hear a question about my concerns. Why, for example, are Americans treated like felons being booked into prison at airports while at the same time our federal government refuses to enforce our immigration laws? Laws don’t work if they are unenforced. The flood of people entering this country illegally is an invasion, not migration. Refusing to enforce our laws is dangerous.

When governments act lawlessly, it is demoralizing and destabilizing to a society. A majority of citizens hate Obamacare and want parts or all of it repealed. The federal government is bloated and wasteful. It is now big enough to compromise our freedom, and security. Many Americans are fed up with the selfishness of the political class.

It seems to me that the professional politicians are either too arrogant to care about the country, or they are too fat, happy and insulated in privileged lives to even hear the rest of us.

Earlene Meyer




Rep. Hunter: Enforce immigration laws

March 6, 2016

That’s something Americans are right to demand.

Border security and illegal immigration are a central theme of voter agitation on the side of Republicans and many independents, largely because leaders in government have been all talk and no action for too long.

Voters are now expressing their frustration on these and other issues, and it’s showcased in the form of the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

There’s much appeal around rhetoric that promotes not just the enforcement of America’s borders, but also the enforcement of immigration laws. And while the idea of deporting 11 million people is not within the scope of possibility, it’s what such a pronouncement signals that’s the true magnet.

What voters have been desperate to hear and believe is a commitment from a national leading candidate that every effort will be made to enforce America’s immigration laws evenly and consistently. Further, a majority of Americans despise the idea that sanctuary cities exist, and states so openly defy and circumvent federal immigration laws, yet nothing has been done to stop them.

Voters are also aware that the most effective way to deal with the large population of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is through the jobs they seek. Enforce the law, deny the jobs enticement, and the number of illegal immigrants residing in the country will decline.

The frustration also applies to what happens to violent criminal aliens. States and cities shouldn’t decide whether to report arrests or selectively determine which arrests warrant a phone call to the federal government. This played out last summer, when San Francisco released a violent criminal who killed a young woman with a bright future.

So when a candidate like Donald Trump raises the prospect of building a wall on the border, or deporting 11 million people, millions of Americans are not necessarily voting for those things specifically. Rather, they’re voting for a commitment to do what the past two administrations have failed to do. They’re voting for the idea that finally somebody is willing to enforce the law to the extent that the law requires.

That’s something Americans are right to demand.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., supports Donald Trump for president.




Letter: Immigration rules should protect us
March 6, 2016

Multitudes of Muslims worldwide hold beliefs contrary to our concepts of freedom, including hateful anti-Jewish/anti-Christian attitudes. We have radical Islam in this country; Minneapolis is a hotbed of jihadi recruitment. Yet thousands of Muslims pour into our country due to our immigration/refugee policies.

U.S. census data say roughly 100,000 Muslim immigrants are admitted annually. President Obama says Syrian Muslim refugees will be "vetted." The "vetting" failed with the Boston Marathon bombers and the San Bernardino female (all Muslims). Who trusts the "vetting" process, especially since Obama's administration decided the "vetters" couldn't look at a person's email or Facebook, because it "violates privacy"?

I support temporarily halting Muslim immigration. Protecting American citizens has priority. The directors of the FBI and DHS say there's no system to "vet" persons from Syria.

Congress called for limiting Syrian immigration to Christians, but Obama ridiculed that as "un-American." However, during the Cold War, there were times wherein we allowed only Jews special immigration status from the Soviet Union.

Sen. Ted Cruz supported Sen. Rand Paul's bill to temporarily cease immigration from 32 Muslim-majority countries. It didn't pass the Senate; those against it included Sen. Marco Rubio.

Obama stopped all Iraqi immigration in 2013, for six months, because of al-Qaida infiltrators.

Hillary Clinton claims Donald Trump's suggestion to temporarily halt Muslim immigration is "an ISIS recruitment tool." She's also said, "Muslims are tolerant, peaceful people." So, explain how Muslims are ISIS-recruited simply due to a suggestion to temporarily halt Muslim immigration?

Dan Barton



The Press Democrat

March 4, 2016

Sideshow battle

EDITOR: The spat between Apple and the FBI is a distraction and a sideshow. While they quibble about whether Apple is going to teach the FBI how to do basic software engineering, the federal government is inviting thousands of immigrants from all manner of jihad hotspots to come live here.

Not to worry, say our feckless politicians, the FBI will spend billions to “validate” them.

So, the FBI doesn’t have the chops to hack an iPhone but would have us believe that they can read minds of completely alien people who want to come in? How did that work out with Mohammed Atta (the 9/11 chief box-cutter slasher), the Tsarnaevs (Boston Marathon bombers), Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik (San Bernardino shooters)?

Federal agencies got it deadly wrong in all these cases, and it was entirely predictable.

Santa Rosa