Eenee, Meenee, Mynee, Mo - how Oregon enforces the law

In a recent letter in the Albany Democrat Herald, Steve Lundeberg suggests that there is nothing that can be done about all the illegal aliens residing in our state. He goes so far to suggest that the right thing to do is to provide driver privilege cards so that illegal aliens can get to their jobs and live their lives with less worry.  Isn't that nice.

“The driver’s cards will improve traffic safety and *reduce the number of uninsured motorists on Oregon's roads,” Basic Rights Oregon’s press release said, and that prediction would seem to be a well-reasoned one. 

     *The uninsured driver/unlicensed driver rate has not changed since the 2008 Driver license bill went into effect? 

That’s why SB 833 is a good idea. The main thing it does, contrary to those who fixate on the notion that it *provides a reward for breaking the law, is strive to make all Oregonians’ lives both safer and less costly.

     *SB833 does provide a reward for illegal behavior...a state issued identification in the form of a driver privilege card and the "privilege" to be able to drive to their jobs.  Which brings me to my next point.

The Governor said that illegal aliens need driver privilege cards so they can drive to their jobs, take their kids to the doctor and contribute to Oregon's economic recovery.  

     *The Governor neglected to mention the ONE BILLION dollar price tag to Oregon tax payers for services to illegal aliens.  It's also never mentioned that it's against the law for illegal aliens to work in our state and for businesses to hire them.  The Governor is giving them all a green light, while he simultaneously kicks the 167,000 unemployed Oregonians in the teeth.

There are only a handful of states giving driver licenses to people in the country illegally.  It makes sense that by Oregon doing so, we could actually attract even more illegal aliens to our state.  New Mexico estimated they would issue about 45,000 licenses to illegal aliens, but issued over 80,000 due to fraud.  Is this what we want for Oregon?  If you did your research, you would find that the states that have implemented similar legislation have repealed it or are looking at doing so due to rampant fraud.

In closing, I would suggest that there are multiple things the State of Oregon could do, if they were so inclined, rather than issue driver privilege cards:

OFIR has written several bills for consideration in the Oregon Legislature:

E-Verify is a free, accurate, easy to use program to help employers hire a legal workforce.  Bills mandating the use of E-Verify for both State employers and private employers have never had a hearing.  What kind of business model are we building for Oregon if an illegal workforce has the blessing of the Governor?  Where is BOLI Commissioner Brad Avakian? 

A bill to reduce fraud by requiring proof of citizenship to access services has never been assigned to a committee.

A bill requiring county governments to apply for SCAAP funding to be reimbursed for the millions spent on incarceration costs of illegal aliens is ignored.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

If the Governor and the Legislature wanted to stem the flood of illegal aliens into the state, there are many things they could do, but they choose not to.  It's clear that the Ag, Farm and restaurant businesses have the Oregon Legislature in their control. Those business owners get the benefit of cheap labor, the politicians slobber for their votes and the Oregon citizen and tax payer gets the bill!  How cozy!

OFIR will work to gather the necessary signatures to put this important issue on the ballot.  If Oregon's citizens think it's a good idea, then it will pass.  More likely, when citizens learn what the Governor and the majority of Legislators are up to, they will overturn the law.

The Federal government, in regards to illegal immigration, may have left the doors open, but Oregon is putting out the welcome mat.