Drug cartel operatives wait with baited breath

David Cross has explained why citizens, not only in the Portland Metropolitan area, but all across the state, should be very concerned about issuing driver cards to illegal aliens and, in the end, the terrible price citizens will pay.  Should our elected officials be working so hard to make it even easier for drug cartels and their operatives to get an even stronger foothold in our state? 

Why would they do that?  Because big business and big money have been influencing lawmakers to issue driver cards with no proof of legal presence, so the illegal workforce on which they rely, won't be caught up in pesky immigration issues if stopped for a traffic violation.

Meanwhile - Oregonians are at even greater risk as illegal drugs are delivered statewide, horrific crimes are committed and lives are lost - just so illegal aliens can get to their illegal jobs -  hired by unscrupulous employers to work at restaurants, hotels, in construction, landscaping, drywall, concrete and more.

To put a finer point on it - the majority of Oregon Legislators would prefer to bow down to big business than to uphold their oath of office and the laws of the land.  In other words - you, your family and your safety are just not as important.  You will simply be 'collateral damage' caused by loosening restrictions on Oregon driver cards.

Your NO vote in NOvember can put an end to this foolish and dangerous law.  Please vote - and tell your friends and family to vote NO in NOvember!

If you are fed up and would like to help with our statewide campaign to overturn SB 833 - please visit our Protect Oregon Driver Licenses website and sign up.  There are a million things we need to accomplish in the next 4 1/2 months and the more people we have helping - the better it will be.

If you just don't have time to volunteer - we would be happy to have your financial support for our winning statewide campaign.  We were very fortunate to have a donor offer Protect Oregon Driver Licenses a $5,000 matching grant.  Your $5, $20 or even $100 donation will be matched dollar for dollar!  Please consider a generous donation to help with the campaign.