Cry me a river...

It is with a tear in my eye that I read the recent article in The Oregonian about re-uniting families.

Quotes like this, "I'm not going to wait until legislation tells me when I can reunite with my family," she said. "We're not playing around, so we're going to take justice and we're going to do what we feel is right"  tug at my heartstrings.

I have an idea.  If a person broke into the U.S. or overstayed a Visa and was later apprehended, deported and separated from their family then it is their fault.  It isn't my fault or my problem.

If they want to be together as a family, then return with the family member that was deported. 

I am repulsed by people who think that our laws don't apply to them.  And, worse, I am repulsed by law makers that repeatedly send that message.  We have immigration laws - enforce them!