Another innocent American girl murdered by an illegal alien

An illegal alien who should have never been allowed to remain in the United States has taken the life of yet another US citizen - this time in Iowa - 20 year old Mollie Tebbitts.  Cristian Bahena Rivera, presumed to be a citizen of Mexico, was charged on August 21 with her murder. How many more innocent American families will suffer the anguish of losing a precious family member because of our dangerous sanctuary policies?
Currently there are 137 illegal aliens JUST in the Oregon State Penitentiary serving time for homicide.  That means that 137 families will be separated forever because Oregon is a sanctuary state that protects illegal alien criminals.  There is a significant cost to taxpayers, as well.  Josh Marquis, the recently retired Clatsop County District attorney estimates that each murder trial in Oregon costs about $ 1 million dollars to prosecute.  That means Oregon taxpayers are out $137 million just for court costs plus millions more for the incarceration of individuals who had no right to be here in the first place.
We must Vote YES on Measure 105 and end the insanity of Oregon’s sanctuary law.

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