Sen. Wyden holds Town Halls, Feb. 20-21

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Thursday, February 19, 2015
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Senator Wyden will hold Town Halls on Feb. 20 in Clatsop County, and on Feb 21 in Jefferson and Crook Counties. Please attend if possible and ask questions or make comments on immigration issues. We include some suggestions below.

Clatsop County Town Hall »
Friday, Feb 20 2015 10:30AM
Astoria High School
1001 West Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 

Jefferson County Town Hall »
Saturday, Feb 21 2015 11:30AM
Madras City Hall
71 Southeast D St, Madras, OR 

Crook County Town Hall »
Saturday, Feb 21 2015 3:30PM
Central Oregon Community College’s Crook County Open Campus Building
510 SE Lynn Blvd, Prineville, OR 

OFIR members, here are some suggestions for questions or comments to Sen. Wyden:

Ask Sen. Wyden to vote yes on H.R. 240 which funds the Department of Homeland Security, but excludes funding for Obama's unconstitutional amnesties.

If the bill doesn't pass, the Democrats in the Senate will have defunded the DHS at a time when the threat of terrorism is growing all over the world.

The choice before you is whether to support President Obama’s massive amnesties by blocking the House-passed DHS funding bill (H.R. 240), or to allow debate on the bill. It’s hard to see how any patriot would put amnesty for illegal aliens ahead of protection for citizens and our country especially at this time when international terrorists threaten us.

I am disappointed that you’re defending President Obama's unconstitutional executive orders that grant amnesty to millions of people and provide them work permits when 18 million Americans cannot find a full time job.