Please take 2 minutes this week to call Governor Susana Martinez

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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In the past, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (505-476-2200) has opposed licenses for illegal aliens even though her state is one of the final two states to still give these to illegals.

Unfortunately, today the Washington Post is reporting that she is bashing Mitt Romney's support for ALIPAC's platform which points out that most illegal immigrants will "self deport" if we simply adequately enforce our existing immigration laws. We know this is true from examples in American history and from more recent examples where illegals have fled entire states in response to the mere announcement of future enforcement.

Read the full article here.

Please, take a moment and call her.  Be polite, respectful and firm.  Examples of what you might say are listed below:

"I'm calling to oppose Governor Martinez's support for Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens. I find her attacks on immigration enforcement hypocritical after her efforts to stop illegals from receiving licenses. I now know that Governor Martinez wants to give both Amnesty and driver licenses to illegal aliens, both of which I oppose. Governor Martinez needs to change her stance, support immigration enforcement and self deportation for illegals and reject Comprehensive and Dream Act Amnesty."


"I'm calling to tell Governor Martinez that I support Mitt Romney and his promise to get more illegal immigrants to self deport from America by enforcing our immigration laws. Many illegal aliens are already self deporting from brave states like Arizona that are cracking down. Many illegal aliens self deported from America when the federal government cracked down in the 1930's and 1950's. Governor Martinez needs to learn more about American history and the recent self deportation of illegals before making a fool of herself in the national media."


"I'm calling to tell Governor Martinez I support her efforts to stop illegal immigrants from getting licenses but I strongly oppose her support for Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens. She should support Mitt Romney's pledge to get more illegal aliens SELF DEPORTING"

She needs to hear from thousands of respectful but firm citizens calling from around the country and going directly to her offices this week!