It's TOO late to mail your ballot - use a drop off location

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Sunday, November 2, 2014
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The Secretary of State’s Elections Calendar for November 4 says: “Official drop sites open 8 hours or more and until 8 PM for depositing cast ballots. County Clerk’s office open 7 AM - 8 PM for issuing and depositing ballots.”

Want to find a drop site near you? You can visit and see an interactive map showing ballot drop box locations all over Oregon.

Candidate Tootie Smith sent out a list of links to drop box locations in the following counties. If you live in any of these counties, you can click on name of the county and get a list of locations for drop boxes in that county.
Lincoln County
Tillamook County
Polk County
Marion County
Clackamas County
Multnomah County

Most other county government websites also list locations of drop boxes in that county. You might enter in an internet search box, the name of your county and state, and when you see the homepage for the county government, use their search box to enter the term ballot drop sites, or browse the Elections section. For example,

Yamhill County,

Washington County,

Jackson County,