Governor ignores criminal activity by illegal aliens

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Monday, June 4, 2012
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In Governor Kitzhaber’s Executive Order of May 11, "Reconvening the Governor's Commission on Public Safety," he said:

"According to FBI statistics, crime rates have decreased across the United States over the past 30 years and Oregon is no exception. Both violent crime and property crimes have fallen. Oregon also has been recognized for its efforts to reduce recidivism and for its support of evidence-based practices.”

What Kitzhaber ignores is the fact that while crime rates have fallen in Oregon we have seen a 21 percent increase in the number of inmates with ICE holds at the Oregon State Penitentiary over the past 4 years! The governor purposely ignores the criminal activity by illegal aliens.

Comparing DOC illegal alien incarceration numbers from March 1, 2008 (1,061 criminal aliens) to March 1, 2012 (1,285 criminal aliens), there has been a 21% increase over the 4 years (See table).



DOC Total Inmates W/ICE detainers

DOC Inmates W/ICE detainers # Increase or (Decrease) from Previous Year

DOC Inmates W/ICE detainers % Increase or (Decrease) from Previous Year

March 1, 2008


March 1, 2009


March 1, 2010


March 1, 2011


March 1, 2012


Source: Research and Evaluation DOC Unit-ICE inmates lists 01 MARCH 08rtf – 01 MARCH 12.rtf and Inmate Population Profile 01 MARCH 08 – 01 MARCH 12.

Not waiting for the Commission on Public Safety to consider the matter, Governor Kitzhaber has ordered Oregon State Police to accept the Mexican matricular card as a valid ID. Expect crimes by illegal aliens to continue to rise.

We encourage you to call your state senator and house member and tell them you oppose the governor’s order.

Click here to find the phone number for your state senator and house member.

If you haven’t called the governor’s office in protest of his misguided order please do.

Governor John Kitzhaber
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Phone number: (503) 378-4582; Fax: 503-378-6827
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160 State Capitol, 900 Court St., Salem OR 97301-4047

You can see the Executive Order reconvening the Commission on Public Safety by visiting

and clicking on 2012 pdf files . It is Exec. Order 12-08, first on the list. Its language is very general, leaving open a wide field for discussion.

You can see the Governor’s speech to the May Day crowd by logging on to:

Governor's public promise to the May Day rally .

In it he says he wants to change the driver's license laws to remove the requirement for proof of citizenship or legal presence.

The general public did not get a chance to read the full text of his letter to the May Day crowd; it is publicly available only through a posting by a reporter on The Oregonian’s website. So, instead of transparency in government, the highest state official is managing the news sub rosa. This May Day message on consular IDs should have been posted on the Governor’s website for all to see.