Attention Congessional District 1 - fill out and mail in your ballot

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
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Ballots have been mailed for Congressional District 1 special election to replace democrat David Wu, who resigned in disgrace last year.  OFIR members and friends, please read the letter below and then fill out your ballot and mail it in.  The only way Rob Cornilles will win this election is if you vote and get your neighbors to vote, as well.

Letters to the Editor - January 14, 2012


Jan 14, 2012

Look at immigration votes

In the race for Congress in Oregon’s 1st District, voters need to know Suzanne Bonamici’s troubling legislative history on issues related to illegal immigration during her tenure in the Oregon Legislature.

During the 2008 legislative session, in spite of the role drivers licenses played in the 9/11 tragedy, she voted to continue giving Oregon driver licenses to illegal aliens when she voted against Senate Bill 1080, which required proof of legal status to obtain a driver license.

In the Oregon Senate’s 2011 session, she voted for Senate Bill 742, legislation granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens in perpetuity with little fact-checking.

A vote for Suzanne Bonamici for Congress, taking into account her tenure in the state legislature, and statements supportive of amnesty which she has made in recent debates, is a vote for lax-to-no enforcement of our country’s immigration laws and for enticing more illegal immigration.

In contrast, Ron Cornilles opposes amnesty. His website has a section on border security, in which he points out the dangers of uncontrolled immigration and shows strong support for better border security. He discusses how Oregon businesses which have the technology to secure the borders could help both locally to boost our economy and nationally to stop illegal immigration. These businesses, he said in a recent debate, now feel they are not being heard in Congress, and he would be a voice for them.

For an immigration policy in the best interests of citizens, not illegal aliens, Rob Cornilles is our best choice for Congress.

Elizabeth Van Staaveren