Did the Border Crisis Finally Force the Corporate Media to Criticize Joe Biden?

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RPN News.com
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Monday, March 22, 2021
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National Issues
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The crisis at the border continues unabated, and the Biden administration has no plan to solve it. The Biden administration has just signed an $86 million contract with hotels near the border to house migrant families. Fifteen thousand unaccompanied minors have arrived and the administration does not have the facilities to house them. Perhaps the shocking part of the current moment is that it is not the typical reporters, such as Brandon Darby of Breitbart and other conservative outlets, standing alone in reporting the situation accurately. The corporate media is also calling it a crisis.

This story marks the first time that the corporate media has taken a critical tone against a Democrat policy since Barack Obama got sworn into the White House. Biden administration officials are not quite sure how to handle it, so they are trying to blame the crisis on the previous administration. That is a stretch, considering that one of Biden’s first executive actions involved dismantling the border policies put in place by the prior administration. Most major outlets are not buying this particular narrative. . .