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OFIR President to speak to Lake Oswego - Oregon 912 group

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Get a first hand update on the rising concerns for what's happening on our US border.  The situation has deteriorated and shows no sign of improvement.  Learn what that means for our country, our state and for you and your family!  Cynthia will also provide an update on the Protect Oregon Driver Licenses referendum campaign.  There will be time for questions, as well.

Time: Friday evening - doors open at 6:00pm, meeting starts at 6:30pm

Location:  West End Building - 4101 Kruse Way - Lake Oswego  (Park in back lot and walk across bridge)

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Also on the agenda - Guest speaker Washington State Rep. Liz Pike will provide an overview of progress being made by the newly formed bipartisan Bi-State Bridge Coalition.




Our matching grant goal has been reached!

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Last month a very generous OFIR member offered a $5,000 matching grant challenge to help us raise funds for the driver license referendum campaign.
If we could raise $5,000 he would match it with his own $5,000. This week we reached our goal. The result is that we raised $10,000 for our November campaign to defeat driver cards to illegal aliens.
Thank you to all who donated to the campaign! And, a big thank you to our generous donor. Stay tuned - we will soon have even more exciting news about our fundraising efforts
Illegal immigration is front page news right now. The rush over our southern boarder by illegal aliens from Central America has proved once and for all that we have no border security. The fact is that the Mexican drug cartels, human smugglers and the Mexican government control our southern border.
Issuing official Oregon State ID - in the form of driver cards to illegal aliens would not only undermine our immigration laws but lure even more illegal aliens to Oregon.
We will need everyone’s help to defeat Senate Bill 833 in November.
Remember to Vote NO in NOvember - NO driver cards for illegal aliens!
We are taking orders for yard and field campaign field signs. Let us know if you can help by displaying a campaign sign!


Protect Oregon Driver Licenses will be at the Marion County Fair

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Protect Oregon Driver Licenses will be helping out the Marion County Republicans in their booth at the Marion County Fair. 

We hope to see you there this Thursday - Sunday. Drop by and say hello!

Vote NO in NOvember to stop this from happening in Oregon

Colorado passed a driver card bill last year, similar to the one passed in Oregon.  Unfortunately, the option of a citizen's veto referendum was taken away from the citizens of Colorado with the issuance of a 'public safety clause', similar to the over-used emergency clause here in Oregon.

Fortunately, Protect Oregon Driver Licenses filed a veto referendum and citizen activists from across the state of Oregon worked diligently to gather over 77,000 signatures so that the issue of granting driver cards to illegal aliens could be placed on the ballot allowing voters to decide if they want Oregon to go down this path.

Read about what's happening in Colorado and then remember to Vote NO in NOvember!


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Non-Citizen Driver’s Licenses Bogging Down Colorado DMV

A new kind of driver’s license for non-citizens will soon be available but even before the Department of Motor Vehicles can issue them, advance requests are clogging up the system.

Tens of thousands of drivers in Colorado are calling the DMV to register for the new ID which is clogging the system.

Those licenses are the result of a law passed last year that aims to improve public safety by making sure every driver in Colorado, regardless of their legal status, has a license.

The law doesn’t take effect until Aug. 1 but the DMV began making appointments on Tuesday for applicants. In the first day they scheduled 823 appointments, by phone and online; that’s more than 100 per hour. Thousands of others were not able to get through.

“I try and try and try,” said America Carbajalo, a driver who tried to call to make an appointment for applying for the new non-citizen licenses.

Those without a Social Security number, including illegal immigrants, are eligible for driver’s licenses or identification cars if they can prove they live in Colorado, have been paying taxes and have applied for citizenship.

In order to comply with federal law, the cards are marked “Not Valid For Federal Identification, Voting or Public Benefit Purposes.”

“I think they didn’t understand how important this is to the immigrant community, didn’t anticipate people chomping at the bit to get driver’s licenses and do things the right way,” said Gabriela Flora, who helped get the law passed.

She said the DMV expected 45,000 applicants the first y ear but it will likely be double that.

Carbajalo, a native of Mexico, has been waiting 16 years to drive her granddaughter and isn’t about to give up.

“I try everyday. I need an appointment. I need my license,” said Carbajalo.

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Massachusetts Committee Defeats Illegal Alien Driver's License Bill

Legislation that would make illegal aliens eligible to receive driver's licenses and learner's permits in Massachusetts failed this session because of its lack of support among constituents and within the Massachusetts legislature. Last week, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Transportation voted to send House Bill ("H.B.") 3285 to study, effectively killing consideration of the legislation this session. (Boston Globe, Jun. 24, 2014).

H.B. 3285 would have removed the provision in Massachusetts law that requires an applicant to provide a Social Security Number for proof of identity in order to receive a driver's license or learner's permit. (H.B. 3285) The bill would have also prohibited the registrar of the Department of Motor Vehicles from denying a driver's license or learner's permit to any person who fails to provide evidence of immigration status. (Id.)

Massachusetts Representative Marc Lombardo, who represents the 22nd Middlesex District, opposed H.B. 3285 because he believes the legislation would create a "magnet" by encouraging illegal aliens to move to Massachusetts, and serve as a shield against the enforcement of federal law. (MassLive, Mar. 11, 2014) "To give identification to those who are illegally here allows our ID to essentially mean nothing. It becomes a form of ID that allows those that are illegally here to hide in society with those who are legally here," said Representative Lombardo. (Id.)

Massachusetts Senator Richard Moore, who represents the Worcester and Norfolk District, also opposed H.B. 3285. "I don't think it will make the roads any safer," Senator Moore said. "The individuals who are here violated the law to be here and remain here and I don't see how granting them licenses guarantees they'll obey traffic laws any better than they do immigration laws." (Telegram, Mar. 16, 2014) Senator Moore further noted, "Illegal immigration needs to addressed — not changing our laws at the state level to make someone who is here illegally, entitled to a privilege. Driving is a privilege." (Id.)

Legislators were not the only true immigration reformers to speak out against the bill. H.B. 3285 faced strong opposition during its hearing in March in the Joint Committee on Transportation by community leaders. Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson was among those who testified against H.B. 3285. He said the proposal would reward people who violated federal immigration laws and warned that granting licenses would not mean safer roads. (Boston Globe, Mar. 6, 2014) "We are a country of laws," Hodgson told the committee. (Id.) "If we begin to tell people that we'll make exceptions for any group, then we have to honestly ask ourselves, do the laws really matter?" (Id.)

Massachusetts Senator Patricia Jehlen, a sponsor of H.B. 3285, advocated on behalf of the measure, arguing that immigration status should not be a bar to getting a driver's license or learner's permit. (WWLP, Jun. 23, 2014) "I'd rather everybody or more people on the roads who are driving have taken the test and having insurance." (Id.) However, there is little evidence to suggest illegal aliens who fail the driving test will not drive, since many claim to drive unlicensed already. Similarly, data from New Mexico, who has issued driver's licenses to illegal aliens since 2003, suggests that granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens would in fact increase the rate of uninsured drivers, not reduce it. New Mexico is now home to the nation's second highest percentage of uninsured drivers. (Insurance Research Council, 2011)

The defeat of H.B. 3285 marks a victory for true immigration reform. So far in 2014, eleven states have considered legislation that would enable illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses and identification cards, and none have passed.

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On Sirius radio this evening at 7:05pm

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OFIR President Cynthia Kendoll will be a guest on the David Webb show this evening at 7:05 PT.

Webb is host of The David Webb Show on SIRIUS XM Patriot (channel 125) which airs nightly from 9:00 p.m. until midnight ET.

Webb has worked for a variety of radio stations during his career including WILD-AM/Boston, WHTZ-FM/New York, KZFX-FM/Houston, KLOL-FM/Houston, KKTL-FM/Houston and KRLD-AM/Dallas.

Television: Webb has been featured on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC TV and more.

Claim to Fame: Webb is a co-founder of TeaParty365, "...a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy group for fiscal responsibility."

If you have access to Sirius radio, we hope you will tune in - and call in!

Who is really behind the push to give driver cards to illegal aliens?

Read OFIR President Cynthia Kendoll's guest commentary about the alliances and motives behind the driver card legislation.  Remember to vote NO in NOvember to overturn SB 833 - a new law granting state issued ID - in the form of driver cards - to illegal aliens.


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Hurry - don't miss out!

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The first week of June a very generous OFIR member offered a $5,000 matching grant.  I am happy to report that we have nearly fulfilled that grant.

If you have not yet contributed - get in on this action and DOUBLE your contribution.  That's right!  If you give just $10 - our donor will match that with $10 - so your contribution is now $20.  You can contribute safely online or by check.

Hurry - before the opportunity slips away!


Drug cartel operatives wait with baited breath

David Cross has explained why citizens, not only in the Portland Metropolitan area, but all across the state, should be very concerned about issuing driver cards to illegal aliens and, in the end, the terrible price citizens will pay.  Should our elected officials be working so hard to make it even easier for drug cartels and their operatives to get an even stronger foothold in our state? 

Why would they do that?  Because big business and big money have been influencing lawmakers to issue driver cards with no proof of legal presence, so the illegal workforce on which they rely, won't be caught up in pesky immigration issues if stopped for a traffic violation.

Meanwhile - Oregonians are at even greater risk as illegal drugs are delivered statewide, horrific crimes are committed and lives are lost - just so illegal aliens can get to their illegal jobs -  hired by unscrupulous employers to work at restaurants, hotels, in construction, landscaping, drywall, concrete and more.

To put a finer point on it - the majority of Oregon Legislators would prefer to bow down to big business than to uphold their oath of office and the laws of the land.  In other words - you, your family and your safety are just not as important.  You will simply be 'collateral damage' caused by loosening restrictions on Oregon driver cards.

Your NO vote in NOvember can put an end to this foolish and dangerous law.  Please vote - and tell your friends and family to vote NO in NOvember!

If you are fed up and would like to help with our statewide campaign to overturn SB 833 - please visit our Protect Oregon Driver Licenses website and sign up.  There are a million things we need to accomplish in the next 4 1/2 months and the more people we have helping - the better it will be.

If you just don't have time to volunteer - we would be happy to have your financial support for our winning statewide campaign.  We were very fortunate to have a donor offer Protect Oregon Driver Licenses a $5,000 matching grant.  Your $5, $20 or even $100 donation will be matched dollar for dollar!  Please consider a generous donation to help with the campaign.




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