Commit the crime, do the time

Letter date: 
Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Letter publisher: 
The Oregonian
Letter author: 
Earle Culbertson
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If I commit a crime, I go to jail. "Commit the crime, do the time," no hesitation. Whether or not my family depends on me to survive is not a concern. They are just out of luck and nobody cares. But then, I am a legal citizen and must follow all laws. If I were an illegal alien, I could select only those laws that please me, and if I do get caught it is "inhumane" to take me away from my family.

At one time, we were a nation of laws. Now they apparently apply only to persons who are legal citizens. This is a very sad situation and there seems to be no interest in holding the illegal invaders to task. The persons guilty of putting their children in danger are the illegal invaders, not our government. If it is perfectly acceptable to separate families of legal citizens, why is it such a crime to separate families of illegals who break laws?