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El Paso Mayor Buses Migrants to NYC to Relieve Overwhelmed Detention Facilities

The surge of migrants moving west to the El Paso Border Patrol Sector led to the apprehension of approximately 30,000 in August, a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection says. The trend overwhelmed the sector’s detention capacity, forcing agents to carry out street releases. gents in the El Paso Sector jumped into the number two spot with the apprehension of just under 30,000 migrants, Breitbart Texas reported. This is up from approximately 25,000 apprehended in July. With one month to go in the fiscal year, agents in the El Paso Sector apprehended nearly 260,000 migrants...

New illegal immigrants cost US $4B more than Trump’s wall
the Washington Examiner

The estimated 2.3 million illegal immigrants who have crossed the border and stayed since Joe Biden became president will cost taxpayers over $9,000 each a year in housing, food, medical, and other services, according to a new report.The Federation for American Immigration Reform, which regularly tabulates the costs of illegal immigration, has put a price tag of $20.4 billion on providing “benefits and services” for the illegal immigrants being spread across the United States since Biden became president. . . .

Democrats Beef Up Tax Enforcement, But Let Immigration Enforcement Languish

Enforcing laws has not exactly been the Democrats’ strong suit in recent years. At the federal level, the Biden administration has blatantly gutted border and immigration enforcement and is even defying court rulings ordering them to resume enforcement. At the state and local level, prosecutors have essentially nullified entire sections of criminal and civil codes by refusing to prosecute many offenders, while in some states “progressive” laws require that even violent criminals are routinely released without bail. . . .

Labor Day: Feds Annually Outsource over Half a Million American Jobs to Foreign Visa Workers

The number of American jobs outsourced to foreign visa workers each year has exploded in recent decades to more than half a million, federal data suggests.

The Immigration Act of 1990, signed by then-President George H.W. Bush, greatly expanded the number of visa programs and created today’s business model where employers import foreign visa workers in droves to take American jobs in blue-collar and white-collar industries. . . .

Top Mexican Immigration Official Takes Selfie with Bangladeshi Migrants

A top Mexican immigration official sparked controversy with his colleagues after he shared a selfie with Bangladeshi migrants under his care.

The controversy began earlier this month, when Aldo Gomez Cuevas of Mexico’s National Migration Institute shared a selfie with migrants and the message “Encuentra las diferencias #TodosSomosBangladesh” or “Find the differences #WeAreAllBangladesh.” . . .

The Biden Administration (Once Again) Denies the Reality of the Border Crisis

More than a year and a half into the Biden administration, the White House continues to double down on lies, denials, and spin whenever its spokespeople are pressed on the out-of-control border crisis. By doing so, the administration is demonstrating a shameless refusal to take responsibility for the effects of its own open-borders policies. It is also insulting the intelligence of the American people, a large majority of whom are apparently not buying the official narrative. Needless to say, attempting to deny reality is hardly a solid basis for good policy. . . .

Florida Grand Jury Targets Child Smugglers, Puts Miami in a Vise

Since U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Justice Department aren’t interested in prosecuting violations of immigration law, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking the rare step of empaneling a statewide grand jury to target residents who employ human smugglers, as well as local officials who look the other way. . . .

Court Gives Green Light to Sue Biden for Trashing Environmental Law

A lawsuit charging that Biden administration immigration policies violate environmental law is moving forward in federal court. The legal challenge deserves a fair hearing amid widening degradation of southern borderlands, increasing strains on the nation’s infrastructure and a host of other impacts that can no longer be ignored. . . 

IDNYC: Strain on Services and an Asset to Asylum Abusers

Every proposal for common-sense immigration control relies on proof of identity, both for showing status and ability to work and for receiving services. A number of states have flouted this basic principle by issuing non-REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, making it more convenient to remain here illegally. However, the current surge in illegal immigrants overwhelming sanctuary cities is highlighting another way that rogue mayors have enabled large-scale fraud and abuse: municipal IDs, in particular New York City’s IDNYC program. . . .

Illegals Accused of Using 'Family Loophole' to Lure, Beat, Stab and Rape Young Girl
the Western Journal

A federal grand jury in Illinois has handed down a nine-count indictment that reveals the terrible consequences of a “family loophole” in federal immigration law in a horrific story that alleges kidnapping, abuse, modern slavery, pedophilia and rape.

Domingo Francisco-Juan, Lorenza Domingo-Castaneda and Catarina Domingo-Juan, three Guatemalan nationals and siblings, are now charged with conspiracy to commit forced labor, forced labor, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping, according to the Department of Justice. . . .