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Oregon Department of Corrections: Foreign National Sex Crime Report August 2019

Information obtained from the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) indicated on August 1, 2019 that 450 of 880 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) in the state’s prison system were incarcerated for three types of sex crimes — sex abuse, rape and sodomy — 51.14 percent of the criminal alien prison population (Note: The number of criminal aliens incarcerated for sex crimes in DOC prisons does not necessarily equal the number of Oregon residents victimized by alien sex abuse, rape and sodomy.).

Using DOC U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immigration detainer numbers,...

Oregon Department of Corrections: Criminal Alien Report August 2019

The Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) August 1, 2019 Inmate Population Profile indicated there were 14,706 inmates incarcerated in the DOC’s 14 prisons.

Data obtained from the DOC indicated that on August 1st there were 880 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) incarcerated in the state’s prison system; criminal aliens were 5.98 percent of the total prison population.

Some background information, all the criminal aliens incarcerated in the DOC prison system were identified by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and have ICE detainers placed on them.


After ICE Raids, US Citizens Flock To Jobs
The Daily Caller

Less than one week after ICE raided 7 food processing facilities in Mississippi apprehending nearly 700 illegal workers, American citizens are rushing to freshly-available jobs.

Koch Foods is headquartered in Chicago but maintains a chicken processing facility in Mississippi that employed 243 of the 680 undocumented Latino workers arrested in the raids last Thursday. Koch has since collaborated with the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES), holding a job fair to recruit new, legal, workers, according to the Associated Press.

The fair raked in 200...

Following political attacks, Gwinnett Sheriff, others speak out in support of D.A. King
Gwinnett Daily Post

After a week of being attacked by several of Gwinnett’s elected officials, Dustin Inman Society President D.A. King is speaking out, alongside others who have defended the 67-year-old.

King, who founded the Dustin Inman Society in 2005, became the subject of local political attacks after the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office invited him to speak about the benefits of the jail’s 287(g) immigration program at a July 31 community meeting hosted by District 4 Commissioner Marlene Fosque.

While the meeting was intended as a forum to share information and differing...

Gov. Brown betrays voters’ mandate, signs HB 2015

Today, Oregonians for Immigration Reform expressed anger and disappointment at Gov. Kate Brown's signing, on August 9, 2019, of House Bill 2015, which will provide Oregon driver licenses to illegal aliens.

"In 2014, our group spearheaded the ballot measure via which Oregonians, by a two-to-one margin, rejected the 2013  Legislature's approval of 'driver cards' for foreigners here illegally," said OFIR president Cynthia Kendoll.  "Yesterday, when she signed House Bill 2015, Gov. Brown told those Oregonians what their vote meant to her and to her accomplices in the Legislature:...

To Increase Wages, Mandate E-Verify, Shrink Labor Market
Progressives for Immigration Reform

Democratic presidential candidates have unanimously embraced the $15 federal minimum wage. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw her support behind the wage hike that would more than double the current $7.25 rate. Pelosi claims that not only would the wage increase give Americans more money in their paycheck, but would also boost the gross domestic product. When people have more purchasing power, they’ll spend more, and, predicted Pelosi, the GDP will therefore rise.

But a far more credible economic source than Pelosi made the opposite calculation. The Congressional Budget Office...

Congressman to Supreme Court: Unblock the Wall
IRLI, Rep. Barr urge Court to let Trump’s wall be built
Immigration Reform Law Insititute

IRLI Press Release

WASHINGTON � Among the many lawsuits anti-borders activists have launched to try to stop the Trump administration from building a wall on our southern border using military and emergency funds, one has hit pay dirt � at least for the tiime being. A federal district court judge in the Northern District of California has enjoined the administration’s transfer of military funds for that purpose. Late last week, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), on behalf of Congressman Andy Barr of Kentucky, filed an emergency brief in the Supreme Court in support of...

ICE detains man at Astoria courthouse
The Astorian Nicole Bales Nicole Bales

Federal immigration agents detained a man at the Clatsop County Courthouse in Astoria on Thursday after spraying people who were trying to escort him away.

Fabian Alberto Zamora-Rodriguez appeared in Circuit Court for a hearing related to felony charges that he encouraged child sexual abuse. Aware U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were outside the second-floor courtroom, immigrant rights’ advocates and the man’s mother and partner tightly surrounded him as he tried to leave.Federal immigration agents detained a man at the Clatsop County Courthouse in Astoria on...

Border Patrol Chief Thoroughly Debunks AOC's Lies
the Blaze TV

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