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It's time to get active!

If you have not yet attended a Townhall meeting held by one of your elected officials, it's time to get involved! Invite a friend and go to a Townhall meeting. Ask your lawmakers what they are doing to protect American citizens from the devastating impact of illegal immigration.  There are over 200,000 Oregonians out of work and yet an estimated 120,000 illegal aliens working in our state today.  If that is ok with you, then stay home.  If not, speak out and let them know it's wrong that Oregonians must compete with illegal aliens for jobs.  Ask them to support a mandatory E-Verify for all employers.  Ask them to put Oregonians and legal workers first!  They need to hear from YOU, the voter!

For dates, times, locations and more question ideas, visit our Oregon link at  http://www.oregonir.org/issues/oregons-us-senators-are-move

New Year, New Laws, New Hope

With renewed hope in this new year, several state laws written to protect American jobs, took effect on January 1, 2012.  It isn't nearly enough, but it is a step in the right direction.  Congress must pass a mandatory E-Verify bill so that any available jobs go only to American citizens and legal workers.

Alabama. The state now requires all employers doing business with any government entity in the state to use E-Verify.

Georgia. All companies with 500 or more employees are required to use E-Verify. In January 2013 all companies with more than 10 employees will be required to use E-Verify.

South Carolina. Any company that doesn’t use E-Verify to verify the work eligibility of new employees can lose their business license.

Tennessee. will also require businesses to ensure employees are legally authorized to work in the U.S. but exempts employers with five or fewer workers and allows them to keep a copy of the new hire's driver's license instead of using E-Verify.

Keep in mind that district judges have blocked a number of other provisions of anti-illegal alien state laws. Many of those provisions' legality will likely be decided when the U.S. Supreme Court issues a ruling this year on the Arizona law.

The only state pro-illegal alien bill that takes effect on January 1st is the California law that allows illegal alien college students to receive grant money. There is already an initiative being circulated to overturn the law.

Did you watch the holiday classic A Christmas Story?

For many Americans, Christmas means faith, family, food, and of course, presents. But it also means curling up with a mug of cocoa and watching those favorite holiday movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Story and many others.

A Christmas Story is one of my personal favorites.  It's the irreverent adaptation of Jean Shepherd's memoir of Christmas memories from childhood.  The childhood parallel's of a simpler time are moving, I'm certain, to many who watch.  It's a "must watch" in our home during the holidays.

But, Bob Clark, the prolific director of this film, and his 22 year old son Ariel, were killed on April 4, 2007 by a 24 year old drunk driver - an illegal alien from Mexico.  He had already been deported twice before.  He served six years in prison.  One has to pause and think of all the innocent victims, those who suffered and died at the hand of rapists, drunk drivers and drug dealers in the country illegally.  

The loss to those families, to our society and to our country of the gifts these people had is both heartbreaking and disturbing.



It might have been possible to prevent this tragedy

It might have been possible to prevent the tragic rape, sexual abuse, strangulation and kidnapping of 2 young girls right here in Marion County.  Juan De Dios Cruz-Rojas has lived and worked just outside Salem, Oregon for the past 10 years.  He is in the country illegally. Oregon's Governor and the state legislature could have made the presence of this monster in our state much more difficult.  They have had ample opportunity to pass a mandatory E-Verify bill.  Please, call, write, email or visit your legislators and the Governor and insist that they pass mandatory E-Verify during this coming session.

Visit our OFIR crime section.

Read the original Statesman article:

Man who raped pre-teen girls gets 170 years - Sex offender is in U.S. illegally

OFIR, immigration, and American sovereignty


Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) advocates to stop illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration to a more sustainable level keeping the environment, the economy and societal impact in mind.  Does OFIR think immigration is an attack on American sovereignty?  No! OFIR is concerned for the future of the United States if we allow mass illegal immigration and excessive legal immigration to continue. Current high immigration rates are incompatible with the long term  interests of sovereign American citizens.

A letter to the Editor just might do the trick

If you have been writing a letter to the editor over and over again (in your head), or if you have started writing one many times but never completed it and mailed it in, I encourage you to visit the Oregon section of our website and see just how effective David Cross was when he wrote a letter to the editor. 

You can write a letter to the editor, too.  Be polite, brief and factual.  Send your letter (online or snail mail) to smaller newspapers as well as the larger papers.

If you get a letter published, let OFIR know and we will post it in the OFIR Letters section of our website.  Good luck!

Road Trip! OFIR's January meeting will be in Eugene

Join OFIR members and friends to hear special guest ART ROBINSON 

Art is running for Congress against Peter DeFazio in District 4

(Congressman DeFazio voted to give in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens)

Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 1:00pm

at the EWEB building (Eugene Water & Electric Board)

500 East 4th Ave., in Eugene, OR

Free admission, so bring a friend and a sack lunch!

NOTE:  EWEB furnishes public meeting rooms as a community service

and does not sponsor or endorse activities or groups using EWEB's public facilities