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D.A.King weighs in on GOP's amnesty plans

D.A. King is a nationally recognized authority on immigration and president of the Georgia-based, pro-enforcement immigration watchdog group, the Dustin Inman Society.  Read his letter to the editor about the GOP's plan to keep their heads down as President Obama's amnesty scheme washes over us.

D.A. King is an endorser for the Protect Oregon Driver Licenses campaign.  We are proud to have him be a part of our campaign!

Very special guest, Dr. Stephen Steinlight, addresses OFIR meeting

Dr. Stephen Steinlight - Senior Policy Analyst from The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington DC addressed OFIR members and guests and OFIR's annual Christmas Party and meeting.  The overwhelming defeat of Ballot Measure 88 was celebrated, as well.  Visit our OFIR photo gallery.

The time-worn clichés of amnesty supporters

Representative Suzanne Bonamici’s constituent newsletter of November 26 reported on several issues before Congress. The first issue discussed was headed “Acting on Immigration.” Her newsletters are not on her website but any constituent can sign up to receive them by email. See the homepage of her website.

Rep. Bonamici strongly supports President Obama’s unilateral amnesty and in the newsletter she recites the same misrepresentatives, distortions, and untruths that have been refuted many times by those who follow immigration issues closely and with the public interest foremost in their minds.

Here, OFIR member Elizabeth Van Staaveren gives a paragraph by paragraph rebuttal to Rep.

Bonamici’s statements. Embedded links lead to source documents available for further information.

“Our immigration system is broken,” begins the newsletter of Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR1).

Our immigration system is not broken. The problem is that immigration laws have not been enforced adequately for decades, and President Obama has effectively crippled the whole enforcement operation. The result is that we have an officially reported over 11 million illegal aliens in the country with the actual numbers likely much higher. It should be obvious to all that if the immigration laws had been adequately enforced, we would not now have the problem of over 11 million illegal aliens in this country.

“A bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill passed the Senate more than 515 days ago, but House leadership has refused to bring the bill forward for a vote.”

The bill she refers to, S. 744, passed by the Senate on June 27, 2013, has never been sent to the House. It would not have been possible for the House to “bring the bill forward for a vote.” House Committees considered several House-authored bills on immigration, but because of strong public opposition to amnesties, none has been brought to a vote by the House so far. 75% of voters answering exit polls in the 2014 midterm elections rejected Obama's executive decree amnesty plans and 80% did not want foreign workers taking jobs from Americans.

“Without a vote by the House, President Obama took action.”

The President has no authority to make immigration law. The Constitution assigns law-making to Congress; the President is supposed to carry out the laws passed by Congress, not dictatorially make his own laws. If Congress refuses to pass a law that the President wants, the President must abide by the decision.

“His limited measures will strengthen border security, could give more than 4 million immigrants a three-year reprieve from deportation, and would make them eligible for a work permit; it does not make them eligible for citizenship.”

The “measures” of President Obama, which were simply a memorandum to his appointees at DHS, are broad and sweeping in their scope. They will give amnesty to unknown millions of illegal aliens, telling the world it’s o.k. to enter the U.S. illegally – all are welcome. New illegal immigrants will naturally expect another amnesty later. Our already-overcrowded country will be submerged in waves of illegal immigration. Competition for jobs and living space will decimate the quality of life for all.

“The President's action would provide an economic boost to the country.”

No, unfettered illegal immigration has already depressed wages across the board and resulted in widespread unemployment and underemployment, increasing the need for public assistance and further burdening taxpayers. Any economic benefits of amnesties go only to the illegal immigrants and their employers, and then only in the short term.

“…help keep families together …”

We have no obligation to keep illegal alien families together in the U.S. Families should decide which country they as a unit wish to live in, and then follow legal procedures to assure their being together.

“… but it [President Obama’s amnesty] is not permanent and it does not address many of the reforms that are needed. Congress must work to pass comprehensive reform.

"Comprehensive reform" is in reality a plan for open borders and the demise of the U.S. as a nation. The term has been around so long it has its own acronym: CIR, comprehensive immigration reform. The reason advocates want to have a “comprehensive” bill instead of addressing separately the specific problems of administering immigration law is that they can make the bill so long and tedious very few will read it through, as happened with S.744. That bill did not provide for good enforcement as claimed; it was loaded with amnesties for millions and impediments to law enforcement. It also contained loopholes for exploitation of immigration laws by those who profit from illegal immigration, and it served globalists who have no respect or concern for the national boundaries of the U.S.

Don't be Grubered by Boehner's Amnesty Plan

First they tried to tell us they couldn’t defund Obama’s amnesty. Now, Boehner and his bootlickers are making it clear that they won’t defund it.

...While reporters and pundits will spill copious pages of ink attempting to ascertain the strategy behind this plan, the only words that count are those of the Speaker himself....he downright supports open borders and even told Obama to pull the trigger on his unconstitutional executive action. Everything else is window dressing.

As we noted a few weeks ago, Speaker Boehner told his conference that he personally gave Obama the green light to “do what you gotta do” after the elections in the event that Republicans declined to pass amnesty legislatively.

So what is the window dressing?

They will pass a so-called “Cromnibus” hybrid bill, in which most of government will be funded for the remainder of the fiscal year (through September 2015), while immigration-related agencies will be funded through March. There is no rider attached to the bill defunding Obama’s amnesty within the relevant agencies tasked with executing the illegal act. They think House conservatives are suckers who believe that leadership will fight to defund amnesty early next year when they win back the Senate.

Some conservatives might be fooled by the argument that we will have more leverage if we punt the fight into next year when Republicans control the Senate. But this false sense of hope fails to account for the fact that Boehner agrees with Obama and has no intention of fighting this – ever.

But leadership realized that they needed some sweetener to sugar-coat the lack of an immediate response, so they are passing a stand-alone bill nullifying Obama’s amnesty. Once again, they think we are stupid. Any bill that does not condition the funding for the immigration agencies to a rider defunding Obama’s amnesty is a joke. It will never force the issue, and they know it.

Passing a standalone resolution condemning Obama’s amnesty might have been appropriate on November 20 – the day Obama issued his royal proclamation. Instead, Republicans failed to even lodge a protest, and proceeded to leave town for two weeks. But now that the budget bill is upon us, protests are meaningless – talk is cheap. It’s time for them to execute their constitutional powers of the purse and defund the amnesty programs, including the issuance of work permits and social security cards.

....we will have more leverage if we punt the fight into next year when Republicans control the Senate. But this false sense of hope fails to account for the fact that Boehner agrees with Obama and has no intention of fighting this – ever. They will simply use the reprieve granted to them by conservatives to distract from fighting Obama’s amnesty, or worse, as Grover Norquist and Mitt Romney have suggested, work with Obama to pass legislative amnesty.

If conservative members agree to this plan, they are just as complicit in Obama’s amnesty as everyone else. Don’t be fooled, once this budget bill passes the amnesty will be irrevocable.

Moreover, even if we had a committed conservative majority, we will not have much more leverage than we do now. Even with GOP control of the Senate, Democrats have the ability to filibuster a bill they don’t like, preventing it from reaching the president’s desk. That is true now; it will be true in March. It’s all about having a morally clear message that we will fund all lawful aspects of government except for the illegal amnesty. And the longer Republicans wait to fight while agreeing to fund these agencies, the weaker they look...

If conservative members agree to this plan, they are just as complicit in Obama’s amnesty as everyone else. Don’t be fooled, once this budget bill passes the amnesty will be irrevocable.

Daniel Horowitz is Senior Editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @ RMConservative


Oregon Legislature poised to act inspite of citizen's vote

I thought OFIR had uncovered a real gem when Mike Nearman, Polk County Republican Chairman, enthusiastically jumped in to help with the PODL citizen's veto referendum to overturn SB833.

I knew we were very fortunate when Mike agreed to attend one of our OFIR Board meetings as a potential future Board member.

I was thrilled when he agreed to join our OFIR Board and continued to work on the PODL campaign. 

And, even better than that, we're so fortunate that, even after being elected State Representative in District 23, Mike has agreed to still actively serve on our OFIR Board.

Mike has written a telling article for The Oregon Catalyst.



Learn about Obama's Royal Decree - Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform's director, Fred Elbel has created an informational and resource page including a broad scope of insightful articles covering President Obama's recent executive amnesty decree. 

The issue of executive amnesty extends far beyond amnesty, citizenship, and voting rights for millions of illegal aliens - who will overwhelmingly vote for Obama's political party. It fundamentally challenges the framework of our Constitutional Republic. It must be addressed directly, forcefully, and immediately.

Our nation's sovereignty is at stake and it would behoove all of us to more fully understand the gravity of what the President is attempting to do.


Election night celebration

If you were unable to attend the Election Night celebration - we missed you! But, we took pictures for you!

Nervous energy quickly evaporated into high spirits as the results began to come in. 

It's BIG WIN for the NO on 88 campaign with 68% of the vote - our opponents only 32%.


Measure 88 hurts Oregon's unemployed

Campaigns are often won or lost based on slogans or a clever turn of a phrase.  But, the cold hard facts are often hard to "market" to the casual voter.

Read here the David Cross article posted on OregonLive.com regarding the impact of illegal immigration on Oregon's unemployed and how Ballot Measure 88 compounds the problem.

Check this out first and then cast your votes!

Oregonians for Immigration Reform does not endorse candidates.  We do our research and find out all we can about candidates and their views on immigration issues.

OFIR has provided for you, an overview of immigration specific information about most candidates running for office in the Nov. 4 general election.  Please check it out and then be certain to fill out your ballot and send it in before the deadline.  If you don't vote - we won't win!

If you find the information helpful, please send us a note telling us so.  If there is something else we can do to help you, please let us know.

If you have information about a candidate that is not included, and should be, we would be happy to post that, as well.

Remember to Vote NO on Ballot Measure 88 - NO driver cards for people illegally in our country!



Oregon referendum's story told in Wahsington DC

Being invited to speak at the Social Contract's - Writer's Workshop was quite an honor for someone like me.

On October 12, I was in Washington D.C. to share the story of how a fearless group of grassroots activists turned this blue state we call home, on it's ear. 

Filing the Citizen's Veto Referendum was just the beginning.  Follow along with my presentation as we remember all the twists and turns we have encountered on our trip to getting SB833 on the ballot.  Against all odds, we did it!

Remember to Vote - and to Vote NO on Ballot Measure 88!




Once again, LaMountain nails the argument against driver cards

Rick LaMountain - OFIR member and Chief Petitioner for the Protect Oregon Driver Licenses Citizen's Veto Referendum, in his just published article in The Register Guard, makes the case against granting state issued ID - in the form of driver cards - for people illegally in our country.

American lives traded for Obama's sickening agenda

American citizens are killed everyday on our roadways by illegal aliens driving drunk or on drugs.  In Oregon alone heart-wrenching cases beg to be acknowledged for the grief they have caused the loved ones left behind.  Often the perpetrators of such horrific accidents are repeat offenders.

I was shocked to read a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies examining the potential public safety impact of an executive action to benefit alien traffic offenders, one of the several directives reportedly being considered by the Obama administration.

Such a presidential directive would protect tens of thousands of illegal aliens from deportation each year. Since 2004, over 250,000 aliens whose most serious state or local conviction was a traffic offense were deported by ICE.

An amnesty for those “convicted exclusively of traffic crimes” would include those convicted of drunk or drugged driving, vehicular homicide, car-jacking, and joyriding.

The number of illegal aliens deported after drunk or drugged driving convictions (as their most serious offense) numbered 22,740 in 2013.

Clearly, this administration seems to find American lives of no value as they plot to completely unwind our immigration laws.