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Welcome to the "what's hot" news and alerts section.  This section includes important OFIR action alerts and informational updates that have been sent out in the recent past, as well as hot news items.


Merkley's NumbersUSA Immigration-Reduction Report Card shows a D- grade.  Plan to attend one of his Townhall meetings.  Bring a friend or neighbor and ask questions.  Dates, locations and question suggestions click here.


Senator Ron Wyden, will be in our area this week hosting a town hall meeting. This is a great opportunity to ask Senator Wyden why he refuses to support E-Verify.

S.1196, the Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act would mandate E-Verify nationwide.

E-Verify is an online program that ensures businesses only hire legal workers. If mandatory E-Verify legislation passes, it could get more Americans back to work than any other bill being discussed in Congress right now. Up to 7 MILLION jobs could open up for American workers and legal workers.

Senator Wyden's record on E-Verify is shameful. He has voted time and time against the American worker.

There are two groups that are benefiting from Senator Wyden's refusal to mandate E-Verify: the illegal aliens who are taking American's jobs and big business that still has the ability to hire illegal workers for pennies on the dollar.

So who's getting hurt by Senator Warner's decisions? The middle class, American worker.

View Senator Wyden's abysmal "report card" on immigration issues.

During this slow economic recovery, Americans are still struggling to find work. Mandating E-Verify is good economic policy and fair to the American worker. SATURDAY, MAY 26

TIME: 12:30 PM

WHERE: Camp Withycombe

15300 Southeast Industrial Way

Clackamas, OR 97015


TIME: 3:30 PM

WHERE: Gresham City Hall Conference Center

1333 Northwest Eastman Parkway

Gresham, OR 97030

Below are a few examples of questions you could ask Senator Wyden:

Senator Wyden, mandatory E-Verify could get millions of Americans back to work and has support from people in every party. Why have you not worked with fellow Oregonian Representative DeFazio to get this mandate passed?

Senator Wyden, only illegal aliens and the big businesses that hire them are against E-Verify. 81% of Democrats support E-Verify. So why are you refusing to support this program? Who are you trying to protect?

Senator Wyden, there are 20 million Americans who are unemployed, jobless, or underemployed. If you were on the side of the American worker, you would support E-Verify. It could open up 7 million jobs, more than any bill being discussed in Congress right now!  Will you please support mandatory E-Verify?


Tell Congress to pass HALT Act! 

Recent reports that illegal immigration from Mexico has slowed have led some open-border advocates to say that the immigration crisis is over and now we should proceed with a "comprehensive immigration reform" amnesty. However, immigration enforcement officers are dubious and think that the Obama administration is cooking the books to defuse immigration as a political issue.
Estimates of illegal immigration are based in part on the number of apprehensions, but T.J. Bonner, the former president of the National Border Patrol Council, said numerous restrictions hinder efforts to enforce the law. Moreover, Bonner noted, remittances to the Bank of Mexico are up substantially this year, an anomaly that is difficult to explain if, as the Pew Hispanic Center asserts, the number of Mexicans living in the U. S. has stabilized or declined.

The HALT Act by House Judiciary Chair, Lamar Smith (R-TX), would assert the authority of Congress over immigration policy. HR 2497 would temporarily prevent the Obama Administration from waiving the inadmissibility of illegal aliens and from cancelling their removal orders or adjusting their status. Ask the House to pass this enforcement measure.


Call or write and tell your Representative to pass the HALT Act and prevent the Administration from impeding enforcement of our immigration laws.



In the past, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (505-476-2200) has opposed licenses for illegal aliens even though her state is one of the final two states to still give these to illegals.

Unfortunately, today the Washington Post is reporting that she is bashing Mitt Romney's support for ALIPAC's platform which points out that most illegal immigrants will "self deport" if we simply adequately enforce our existing immigration laws. We know this is true from examples in American history and from more recent examples where illegals have fled entire states in response to the mere announcement of future enforcement.

Read the full article here.

Please, take a moment and call her.  Be polite, respectful and firm.  Examples of what you might say are listed below:

"I'm calling to oppose Governor Martinez's support for Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens. I find her attacks on immigration enforcement hypocritical after her efforts to stop illegals from receiving licenses. I now know that Governor Martinez wants to give both Amnesty and driver licenses to illegal aliens, both of which I oppose. Governor Martinez needs to change her stance, support immigration enforcement and self deportation for illegals and reject Comprehensive and Dream Act Amnesty."


"I'm calling to tell Governor Martinez that I support Mitt Romney and his promise to get more illegal immigrants to self deport from America by enforcing our immigration laws. Many illegal aliens are already self deporting from brave states like Arizona that are cracking down. Many illegal aliens self deported from America when the federal government cracked down in the 1930's and 1950's. Governor Martinez needs to learn more about American history and the recent self deportation of illegals before making a fool of herself in the national media."


"I'm calling to tell Governor Martinez I support her efforts to stop illegal immigrants from getting licenses but I strongly oppose her support for Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens. She should support Mitt Romney's pledge to get more illegal aliens SELF DEPORTING"

She needs to hear from thousands of respectful but firm citizens calling from around the country and going directly to her offices this week!



Oregonians for Immigration Reform announces our $1,000 scholarship winner. Victoria Hittner of Salem, was chosen as the winner.

For those of you that missed the April 15th deadline, please apply again next year.


If you have always wondered what is really happening on our southern border, please join OFIR this Saturday, May 12 at 2:00pm for an in-depth, behind the scenes, where tourists are not allowed tour.  OFIR President Cynthia Kendoll will share her experiences in a photographic journey to places rarely seen by the public.  You won't want to miss this one.  Invite a friend, reach beyond the propaganda and learn what Arizona is dealing with on a daily basis.

One year ago President O'bama declared our borders "mostly secure".  Join us and decide for yourself if you agree.

Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 2 pm

In Salem, at the Best Western Mill Creek Inn,

3125 Ryan Dr SE, just west of I-5 Exit 253, across from Costco.




OFIR has had many e-mails asking us how to contact the Governor's office about proposal to accept Matricula Consular cards as legitimate ID and his push to give driver licenses to illegal aliens.

You can see text of the Governor's letter at: http://media.oregonlive.com/politics_impact/other/mayletter.pdf.

Let him know how disappointed you are that he is rewarding illegal behavior, which invites even more of the same. If illegal aliens without licenses are driving to work, they are already breaking several laws. Rewarding illegal aliens with driver licenses demeans the Rule of Law and brings dishonor to the Governor's office.

Oregon's governor should be working for Oregon families, Oregon jobs and Oregon citizens...not working to make life easier for those here illegally.

A hand written letter is also encouraged!

Be firm, but polite and respectful. Please let OFIR know how the Governor's office responded.

Governor John Kitzhaber

Webform for e-mail is at: http://governor.oregon.gov/Gov/contact.shtml

Phone number: (503) 378-4582 Fax: 503-378-6827

Mailing address:

160 State Capitol, 900 Court St., Salem OR 97301-4047




Senator Merkley will hold town hall meetings next week.  He will update constituents on his work in Washington, DC, answer their questions and invite their suggestions about how to tackle the challenges facing Oregon and America.  Senator Merkley is currently rated a D- by NumbersUSA on issues of illegal immigration.  

This is your opportunity to tell the Senator to support mandatory E-Verify.  He is woefully uninformed about E-Verify and uses the same tired line from years ago about the problems of E-Verify (which have since been fixed).  This would be a great opportunity to let the Senator know that Oregon taxpayers spend over $700 million dollars a year supporting illegal aliens and we want him to work much harder to solve this problem.

If you are able to attend, please share your experience with OFIR.

Crook County Town Hall
Sunday, April 29, 2012
1:30 pm
COCC Crook County Open Campus Building
510 SE Lynn Blvd
Prineville, Oregon 97754

Deschutes County Town Hall
Sunday, April 29, 2012
4:30 pm
Bend Senior Center
1600 SE Reed Market Road
Bend, Oregon 97702

Jefferson County Town Hall
Monday, April 30, 2012
2:00 pm
Jefferson County Senior Center
860 SW Madison
Madras, OR 97741

Wasco County Town Hall
Monday, April 30, 2012
6:00 pm
The Dalles Veterans Home
700 Veterans Drive
The Dalles, OR 97058

Columbia County Town Hall
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
4:00 pm
Clatskanie Middle/High School
Norm Makela Commons
471 NW Bel Air Drive
Clatskanie, OR 97016




Senator Rubio calls his evolving legislation a conservative alternative to the DREAM Act — the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors measure. That Democratic-backed bill, which is overwhelmingly popular with Hispanics, would provide a pathway to citizenship to children in the United States illegally if they attend college or join the military. The measure came close to passage in December 2010 but has languished since then.

"We have to come up with an immigration system that honors both our legacy as a nation of laws and also our legacy as a nation of immigrants," Rubio told The Associated Press on Tuesday. Please call Senator Rubio and let him know what you think of his misguided leadership! Let Romney know what is in store for him if he thinks he will support the Dream Act! Tell Speaker John Boehner, it is time for real leadership on this issue, NO DREAM ACT!

Senator Rubio 202 224-3041

Mitt Romney Campaign 857 288-3500

House Speaker John Boehner 202 225-0600 If you get a response when you call, please let OFIR know!


FAIR needs you to act NOW to stop the IRS from giving tax credits to illegal aliens. Last year, the Inspector General for the U.S. Treasury Department released a report revealing that illegal aliens annually receive $4.2 billion in refundable tax credits, primarily through the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). Tomorrow morning, the House Ways and Means Committee will be considering whether to include language as part of a budget reconciliation package that would stop this injustice to American taxpayers. The provision under consideration — similar to bills introduced by Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), and Senator David Vitter (R-LA) — would close this tax credit loophole by requiring that individuals who claim the ACTC provide a valid Social Security Number (SSN). Currently, the IRS only requires applicants for the ACTC to provide an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) indiscriminately hands out to illegal aliens.

Call the Ways and Means Committee Members TODAY and tell them:

  • Congress should not force American taxpayers to subsidize illegal immigration, especially by doling out billions in tax credits to illegal aliens; and
  • Fraud in our tax system must be stopped — only those with valid Social Security Numbers, not illegal aliens, should receive refundable tax credits!

To find the contact information for Members go to: