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Welcome to the "what's hot" news and alerts section.  This section includes important OFIR action alerts and informational updates that have been sent out in the recent past, as well as hot news items.


FAIR has just confirmed from reliable sources that nine border patrol stations – north of the border but in heavily traveled corridors of illegal activity - are being shut down and the personnel reassigned. Six of those stations are in Texas - one in Amarillo and another in Lubbock. The closures leave local officials with no federal resources to assist them in identifying and detaining illegal aliens, drug smugglers and human traffickers.

Potter County (Amarillo) Sheriff Brian Thomas said, If we pull over illegal aliens (now), we can call border patrol agents who can detain them. We won't have those resources to check them."

FAIR has obtained a memo from the USBP delivered to local law enforcement officials in Texas. In it, Robert Green, Resident Agent in Charge, details the changes and says that when the stations close, there will be no active plan for ICE assets to assist local authorities in this area when alien smuggling or alien transportation situations are encountered by your personnel.

The memo then takes an unusual tone of urgent appeal when Green says, I would encourage you, if you have found USBP assistance valuable in the past, to contact your political representatives and voice your concerns.”

The remark is stark evidence that the men and women of the U.S Border Patrol who are struggling to protect our borders are under siege as much by their own government as by illegal entrants.

Interior border patrol stations represent a much needed second line of defense against illegal aliens who make it past the border and continue moving north through heavily traveled corridors. On such major "feeder area" is Riverside, California, another border patrol station being shut down.

The full list of stations and cities which will soon have no federal border authorities to detain and remove illegal aliens, smugglers and traffickers include: Lubbock, TX; Amarillo TX; Dallas, TX; San Angelo, TX; Abilene, TX; San Antonio, TX; Billings, MT; Twin Falls, ID, and Riverside, CA.



Read the intelligent analysis and summary of the Supreme Court's decision about Arizona's immigration law in the Statesman's Guest Opinion section dated 6/28/2102.  Or click here to read it in OFIR's letter section.

This is a perfect opportunity for people in these districts to attend these events and ask these Legislators about the Governors plan to find a way to get Oregon driver licenses back in the hands of illegal aliens so they can "come out of the shadows and contribute to Oregon's economic recovery".  Oregon has an 8.4% unemployment rate.  Do we really need to try to make life easier for those who are already breaking multiple laws by being in the country and holding jobs (often using fraudulent ID).  Tell your representative that you do NOT support this move by the governor to undo the Oregon Driver License Law SB1080 and you expect them to represent you and not foreign nationals illegally in our state.  Always be polite and respectful, but insist on an answer to this troubling move by Oregon's leadership.
Town Hall with Representatives Jules Bailey, Carolyn Tomei and Senator Diane Rosenbaum
THURSDAY JUNE 28, 6:30-8:00 PM
Please join me, Representative Tomei and Senator Rosenbaum at the Sellwood SMILE Station on June 28 at 6:30 pm. We are excited to update you on what we are working on and to hear feedback on the issues you are most concerned about.
Town Hall with Representatives Jules Bailey, Carolyn Tomei and Senator Diane Rosenbaum
Thursday, June 28, 2012
Sellwood SMILE Station
8210 SE 13th Ave.
Portland, OR 97202



For those of you that can't quite figure out where to stand on the recent proclamation by President Obama, read a great letter posted in the OFIR website "letters" section.  Charles Krauthammer's letter to the Editor was printed in the Oregonian last Friday.  


The Center for Immigration Studies is one of the most respected research centers in the nation. Jon Feere’s paper  exposes point by point the misconceptions, falsehoods and flaws in President Obama’s DREAM Act order.

Please forward this paper on to your friends, neighbors and relatives.

Call members of Congress today and all week long to express your opposition to this chicanery.

Click here for a link that will show you your members of Congress and gives all contact information for them:


US News and World Report published the following op-ed from NumbersUSA CEO and Founder Roy Beck.

Congress approved seven amnesties for illegal aliens between 1986 and 2000. Focusing on compassion for those who broke the law without taking away the jobs magnet only led to more illegal immigration. Every Congress since 2000 has rejected the reward of amnesty.

Now in a constitutionally questionable move, President Barack Obama has decided just to ignore Congress and return to the bad old days of treating symptoms and not the jobs causes of illegal immigration.

The president says he was moved to act out of compassion for the illegal aliens under age 30 who were brought here illegally at a young age and who may not have much connection any longer to their home country because they have been here so long. But he has shown no recognition that the reason these illegal aliens are in this predicament is that the federal government allowed their parents to illegally take jobs from U.S. workers for five, 10, and 15 years.

Neither President Obama nor the congressional Republican leadership will press for a mandatory E-Verify bill to finally prevent illegal aliens from holding payroll jobs. So with the new Obama policy, parents world-round know they can continue to break into our country and steal jobs for long periods, building up compelling stories for the news media to report about their children in hopes of similar amnesties in the future.

Polls suggest that most Americans are sympathetic to suspending deportations of the young illegal aliens. But polling thus far has not asked how voters feel about the president offering work permits for 1-2 million illegal aliens to compete with the 20 million American workers who want a full-time job and can't find one.

Dramatically increasing the supply of legal workers victimizes the most vulnerable members of our national community who also have compelling stories that never seem to show up in the colorful human interest immigration stories filling the media.

Congress has acted three times to reject the DREAM Act-type of amnesty that the president has unilaterally created. If Mr. Obama thinks he can make a case for adding the illegal aliens to the workforce, then he ought to make his case to Congress along with offering offsets that would reduce the number of green cards (permanent work permits) given out each year to other foreign workers, thus reducing job competition for Americans.

After reading this article, if you agree with it click here and vote by clicking the ^ arrow.

Thank you!


President Obama is going to issue an executive order today enacting the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is an amnesty for a segment of the illegal alien population. Bear in mind that the DREAM Act has failed in Congress on numerous times. President Obama has no respect for the Congressional process, the Constitution, the Rule of Law or American citizenship.

It is rumored that in addition to amnesty, the illegal aliens under Obama’s decree would get work permits. With over 20 million Americans and 200,000 Oregonians out of work, why do we need to allow illegal aliens to jump the line and get jobs?

The DREAM Act is a slap in the face to everyone who has immigrated legally into our country, and those currently going through the process, as well.

Unfortunately we in Oregon have our own special problem – self appointed King John Kitzhaber. 

Kitzhaber, just like Obama has secretly empowered a cabal to meet in behind closed doors to work on a plan that would allow illegal aliens to receive Oregon driver licenses. Frank Garcia, the Governor’s Director of Diversity, is working on the plan. It is rumored that some of the meetings may have been taking place behind closed doors at the Mexican Consular office! Garcia and the Governor’s office refuse to release the names of participants, the location of the meetings and their recommendations.

In today’s Oregonian, Rick LaMountain has an excellent Op-Ed about the impact of giving driver licenses to illegal aliens.  To read Rick's article, click here.

Governor Kitzhaber and President Obama two of kind – citizens need not apply. 

It seems the will of the people (i.e. LEGAL citizens) does not matter to either one of them.


Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has alerted us to some valuable information.  It's time to let your voice be heard. Please call the numbers below and express your disappointment in these Republican leaders.  Be polite and respectful, but please call!

Washington inside sources have confirmed that Senators Kyl (R-AZ) and Hutchison (R-TX) are helping Rubio with his DREAM Act. This is a huge problem for us as both of these senior Senators – Senators from border states – are retiring and really don’t seem to give a hoot about what their constituents want. We NEED to get their attention. We don’t know if they can be shamed into retreating but it is worth a try, please email everyone you know and have them make calls to the District Offices of Kyl and Hutchinson. Florida leaders need to continue to pound Rubio on this issue!

Rubio’s chief of staff is now indicating the text is done and is setting up meetings with a few key Republican members. We haven’t been able to get the text yet, but will keep you all posted.

Senator Kyl Phoenix Office

(602) 840 1891 PHONE

(602) 957 6838 FAX

Senator Hutchison Dallas Office (214) 361-3500 PHONE 

(214) 361-3500 PHONE 

Senator Rubio Miami Office

(305) 418 8553 PHONE

(305) 594 4014 FAX


Call today!





There are only two states, New Mexico and the state of Washington, that openly allow illegal aliens to receive the same driver license as citizens. New Mexico’s Governor, Susana Martinez, has tried without success to end her state's driver license policy. The result is that New Mexico has become a magnet for fraud.

Governor Martinez is quoted as saying, "This fraud ring only confirms what New Mexicans already know - the only way to put an end to this criminal activity is to repeal the law that gives driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.”

The New Mexico director of motor vehicles, Demesia Padilla, has warned for years that giving driver licenses to illegal aliens encourages crime and corruption. Padilla said her concern is that the stories about van loads of undocumented immigrants being brought to New Mexico from as far as Florida and Illinois for driver's licenses will continue until the state Legislature takes action.

Unfortunately for Oregon, our governor is John Kitzhaber and not Susana Martinez. 

Governor Kitzhaber wants Oregon to give driver licenses to illegal aliens.

Please contact Representatives Arnie Roblan and Bruce Hanna, Co-speakers of the Oregon House, and tell them about New Mexico’s crime and corruption due to the issuance of driver licenses to illegal aliens. Tell them that we do not need to entice criminals to come to Oregon.

Representative Bruce Hanna. (503) 966-1200
Representative Arnie Roblan (503) 986-1300
Read the full article about what New Mexico is dealing with on our National News page, or click here



In Governor Kitzhaber’s Executive Order of May 11, "Reconvening the Governor's Commission on Public Safety," he said:

"According to FBI statistics, crime rates have decreased across the United States over the past 30 years and Oregon is no exception. Both violent crime and property crimes have fallen. Oregon also has been recognized for its efforts to reduce recidivism and for its support of evidence-based practices.”

What Kitzhaber ignores is the fact that while crime rates have fallen in Oregon we have seen a 21 percent increase in the number of inmates with ICE holds at the Oregon State Penitentiary over the past 4 years! The governor purposely ignores the criminal activity by illegal aliens.

Comparing DOC illegal alien incarceration numbers from March 1, 2008 (1,061 criminal aliens) to March 1, 2012 (1,285 criminal aliens), there has been a 21% increase over the 4 years (See table).



DOC Total Inmates W/ICE detainers

DOC Inmates W/ICE detainers # Increase or (Decrease) from Previous Year

DOC Inmates W/ICE detainers % Increase or (Decrease) from Previous Year

March 1, 2008


March 1, 2009


March 1, 2010


March 1, 2011


March 1, 2012


Source: Research and Evaluation DOC Unit-ICE inmates lists 01 MARCH 08rtf – 01 MARCH 12.rtf and Inmate Population Profile 01 MARCH 08 – 01 MARCH 12.

Not waiting for the Commission on Public Safety to consider the matter, Governor Kitzhaber has ordered Oregon State Police to accept the Mexican matricular card as a valid ID. Expect crimes by illegal aliens to continue to rise.

We encourage you to call your state senator and house member and tell them you oppose the governor’s order.

Click here to find the phone number for your state senator and house member.

If you haven’t called the governor’s office in protest of his misguided order please do.

Governor John Kitzhaber
Webform for e-mail  click here.
Phone number: (503) 378-4582; Fax: 503-378-6827
Mailing address:

160 State Capitol, 900 Court St., Salem OR 97301-4047

You can see the Executive Order reconvening the Commission on Public Safety by visiting

and clicking on 2012 pdf files . It is Exec. Order 12-08, first on the list. Its language is very general, leaving open a wide field for discussion.

You can see the Governor’s speech to the May Day crowd by logging on to:

Governor's public promise to the May Day rally .

In it he says he wants to change the driver's license laws to remove the requirement for proof of citizenship or legal presence.

The general public did not get a chance to read the full text of his letter to the May Day crowd; it is publicly available only through a posting by a reporter on The Oregonian’s website. So, instead of transparency in government, the highest state official is managing the news sub rosa. This May Day message on consular IDs should have been posted on the Governor’s website for all to see.